Lorne & Susan Fraser
If you were looking for Lorne, you knew to head to the barn.  If he wasn’t there, you'd check at the ring where his daughters were schooling their horses, or head to the hockey rink to see if he was their with his son... As a 
last resort you'd check to see if by chance he had popped 
back to his business which was next door to the house 
(and just a short walk from the barn!).   
Considered a “healer” in the Nova Scotia horse circle, 
there was always someone looking for Lorne’s advice 
on how to fix this or that on an injured horse.  His kids 
(Susan, Jane and Scott) grew up listening as he gave 
advice on how to heal a leg, a wound, or a broken 
attitude.  Whenever a horse was injured or fell ill, Lorne 
would turn to his “book” – a scribbler filled with hand
-written recipes entrusted to him by the many horsemen 
who had shared a fence rail with him over the years. 
Fraseranimalhealthproducts.com is simply a continuation of Lorne’s passion.  A chosen legacy that began when Susan and Jane (Fraser) had the privilege of testing Ascenta’s Equine Omega-3 on their horses.  Lorne had fed cod oil to the family horses their entire lives so Susan and Jane knew through experience that horses blossomed on fish oil.Ascenta’s research provided them with the why and a product that they felt everyone should have access to. 
When Ascenta was developing their Canine Omega-3 product, seven of the dogs who hang out at Fraser Equestrian Centre while their owners are schooling their horses, were instrumental in sniffing out and identifying their favorite flavour -- smoked meat.  
Suffice it to say, Ascenta has a product that the Fraser’s use and are proud to facilitate in its availability to horse, dog and cat owners everywhere.   
Read the research on how Omega-3 will help your horsesdogs and cats.   
Once you order it and see the fabulous results, we will make it easy for you to keep your animals on it .
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